Nathalie Kelley


If you had told me even a few months ago that I would visit Alaska and that it would be one of my favorite places in the world, I would have thought you were a little confused.

Back then Alaska conjured up images of cold harsh landscapes and Sarah Palin. I knew it had to be beautiful but it wasn’t really high up there on my list of destinations to visit before I die.

How wrong I was! I can now unequivocally tell you that you must see this beautiful part of the world at least once in your life. Its vast beauty left me speechless day after day and no other place has moved me so much since.

Lets start with the daylight conversation. In the summer Alaska has 17 hours of full daylight a day. Imagine sunsets at 1am, magic hours that last 4 hours… I saw a guy kite surfing at midnight!

If you can believe it, we arrived with no plan, but after a few hours of googling and researching we decided to maximize our time and just explore the area around Kenai Fjord National Park.

Here are the highlights:


The sweetest ski-town nestled in the mountains with a really cool, hippie vibe Definitely stay in a b&b here and eat and drink at the Double Musky Inn. I can’t describe the feeling the air as we made our way here. The other travelers we encountered were also giddy with excitement and determined to make the most out of the short but sweet warm months. There’s a feeling of camaraderie as RV’s roam around like little ants against the backdrop of gigantic fjords and mountains.

Orca Island Cabins / Humpy Cove

So I discovered this enchanted place (the absolute highlight of the trip) through some deft, last minute internet research. Little did I know that this eco-resort, a 40 min water taxi from Seward, is actually a highly sought after destination for nature and adventure lovers in the summer. The moment we pulled into the secluded cove we knew why. The owners have spent 15 years acquiring the land, piece by piece and finally building the most charming yurt structure (for lack of a better word) I have ever seen. Every detail had been given so much thought and care, the aesthetic was so completely in harmony with the surroundings… I felt like I had landed in a little slice of heaven.

After a magical misty kayak adventure we witnessed the longest and most spectacular sunset of my life. Paddling under the still purple skies at 1am, we saw jellyfish throughout the clear, turquoise water, flying fish, eagles, and what looked like a family of herons (Bird lovers forgive me, I am still not sure what they were!).

The next day the mist had cleared and we kayaked to a secluded waterfall where I flashed my signature nudie pose just in time for some friendly senior citizen kayakers to witness our nude nature photo shoot. I have real knack for timing it turns out.

The cabins are only open during the summer months so book ahead. And tell them Nat sent you. :)

Honorable mentions:

The seafood shack in Seward sells the most delicious King Alaskan snow crab which I cooked in our yurt at 3am by the light of my iPhone… but that’s a whole other story!













  • Tamiris Lima

    Amazing!!!! I’ll go there someday!!! Nat, thank you for sharing this blessed experience with us, it makes me want to go there even more!!!

  • Leah Cervantes

    There’s something magical about a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin! You are a beautiful woman who inspires me to love my body!

  • tara

    looks so amazing i must take my 2 little water babies up there. stumbled across your blog by chance at a time in my life that i need it most. Thank you for being you and sharing.if you ever feel like a trip to Ireland me and my babies can show you around. xox