Nathalie Kelley

Desolation Sound

At the beginning of this year I made the heart wrenching decision to split up with my partner of 10 years. As I grieved all the things that had been lost to me: our plans for a future together and those I loved around him that I would most likely never see again – I found hope in the energetic shift that was simultaneously taking place in my life. Space was being formed, for new friendships, new loves, new adventures, hopes and dreams. I had visions of bathing with friends in crystal green waters and singing together under a canopy of stars.

By the time I made the move to Vancouver for work in July I had already entered into a much happier space. My friends Julia and Jasper made the move so smooth and delightful. Weeknights were spent cooking and laughing and sharing while weekends were spent soaking up beautiful BC. During my first few weeks I spent some nights in quaint cabins on the Sunshine Coast and enjoyed stunning ferry rides to and from the different islands. I had been lucky enough to catch the end of what was an exceptionally beautiful summer and on one of these perfect sunny long weekends I made the 5 hour drive up to Desolation Sound, not yet knowing the magic that awaited.

Through a friends recommendation I had found us the most perfect geodesic dome cabin to stay in: it was right out of a fairy tale, complete with sauna and on site Reiki sessions from the lovely owner Phil. The only thing missing was a little gnome!

In addition to my friends Yvan, Julia and Jasper, I was lucky enough to have my Big Sur ‘parents’ Hilary and Sue fly up and join me on the adventure. And true to form they met us in Lund, fresh off the private jet (a story for another day) with a big bottle of champagne.

Hilary rented a zodiac (a boat is the only way to really appreciate the beauty of all those spectacular islands and fjords) and off we went on a very specific mission; to find the perfect cove in which to frolic around naked! As my best friends and I rode through the crystal green waters, admiring the starfish and red rock cliffs, I realized that my earlier vision was manifesting itself as a reality right before my eyes… I was on the right path.

That magical day was only made better by the serendipitous night that followed. Sue knew some friends with a house on the beautiful island of Cortes, just a 40 min water taxi away. Of course we had chosen to visit on the night they were holding their biggest party of the year, complete with a full Ghanian jazz band. I will take a moment here to add that these things have a funny way of happening to me. This year especially, the more I have let go and followed my intuition, the more situations like these have simply unfolded. The night ended, if you can believe, with a full sauna and sweat session, palo santo and sweetgrass burning as we sang songs into the night underneath the most spectacular star filled sky I have ever seen. That morning we caught the sunrise water taxi back to Lund and said good bye to paradise.

Many thanks to my sweet new friends on Cortes, P & A, for having us in your beautiful home. Loving the design of energy that brought us together that fateful night and hope to see you under those stars again very soon.

In the meantime, I am still pinching myself that a vision born out of a time of such desolation, came to be manifested in the least desolate place on earth.













  • Rufaro Chinyanganya


    • Nat Kelley

      Thanks!!!! xxNat

  • Tamiris Lima

    I love this site Nat!! Keep doing it and sharing your beautiful life with us!!! Its so inspiring

    • Nat Kelley

      Obrigada irma!!! Beijinhos! x Nat

  • Amy Raupach

    I feel so glad to be able to witness your photos, story, journey. Thank you for creating this site and sharing your authentic self sister!

    • Nat Kelley

      Thank you sister! Your encouragement means so much to me! Love and light. x Nat

      • Amy Raupach

        My pleasure, dear heart. Learning so many things about you and seeing myself in so much of it too. As I open myself, I see those that are doing the same! ~to the magic that is all around! Amy

  • Maria

    This is amazing! Always when Im sad I check your instagram or your page and it just puts a smile on my face…these breathtaking views and you and nature… if I could live the dream it would be on these places where your photos are from… you are beautiful and I wish there are more people like you! I wish I can send you my painting of you when I finish it!

  • R00

    This was beautiful to read and look at – but how does one work towards positivity and finding oneself after losing themselves into someone else post heartbreak? How do you really grieve and let go at the same time? Light + luck from India! X

    • Nathalie Kelley

      Very true. It defies logic. But when you have spent so much time in things that are not right, you know instantly when something is.

  • aylin

    First of all I apologize for my “bad” englsih but I hope that you’ll understand what I want to say :)

    4 years ago I visited your Tumblr site for the first time. I was about 16 or 17 years old. I just was shocked at first because of the naked people you posted. But than i grow older and I also read your posts.

    I don’t know how to express myself in english but I just admire how you feel yourself comfortable in your own skin. I never was confronted with a bad situation but I never could feel comforable myself in my own skin. I always said I don’t have a curved body like a woman or I don’t have that long legs… But then with your help your interviews with your Blog and Tumblr and of course with the help form my mother I told myself that I’m me this body was mine and it’s unique.

    I just thank you for your beautiful Blog. I hope that you will share more about your life with us. I’m sure that there are so many people who gonna learn from you so much.
    So thank you a lot Nathalie.

    “As an adult many have called me beautiful but in my heart I still feel that like that ugly brown girl who was ostracised by the other kids.”

    I liked this sentence in your interview.
    You are a very inspiring woman and I’m glad that I can learn form you :)
    Kisses from a turkish girl form Switzerland :*

  • Shelby

    When I first saw you in Tokyo Drift, I had no idea how much soul you have. You are the most beautiful and inspirational woman I have laid eyes on. The way you write and the way you love, it is truly beautiful. All I ever hope for, is for a life as free as yours. Thank you for spreading your joy and open eyes to the world.